January 17, 2022

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Catfishing News

The catfishing news highlights the latest news and publications from around the globe to do with catfishing.

Catfishing is when someone takes an image, and changes it or alters it in order to make it look sexually explicit, and then sharing this image as if it was real.

The catfishing category also revealed how people are using social media profiles and duplicating them in order to commit scams and fraud.

People who have been victims of catfishing are releasing their stories to the general public around the world in order to highlight just how big a problem this is.

And Casting Direct will continue to publish catfishing news so that people can read and find out more about this epidemic that is happening, and also publish how the scammers are doing it, in order to aid users in making educated decisions about whether they take up offers they see, or whether the ‘too good to be true’ offers are actually scams.