January 17, 2022

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Sex Crimes News

As a website mainly focussed on the modelling industry, this is a difficult category to report on, but sex crimes are one of those topics that are equally important.

Criminals are committing sex crimes over the internet, using social networks that models and creators rely on, in order to share their illegal content.

From social media networks to adult websites, this media is being shared at an alarming rate, and is affecting the adult industry, which is trying to slam out trafficking and under-age pornography.

Casting Direct will rarely report on those been accused, or alleged of a crime, but will report once the crime has been to court, and when a sentence has been passed.

This will name and shame, where possible, the offender, meaning people can find out more about who was sentenced, what they were sentenced for, and if necessary, a background to the case.

Casting Direct believe there should be one global law for sex offenders online, such as those trading and sharing illegal child pornography, and every single offender should face prison time, because there is no excuse whatsoever to go in search of, or be in possession of, this illegal and despicable content that causes harm to children and adults around the world.