January 17, 2022

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Former AFL Star Danielle Laidley Tackles The Twitter Transgender Trolls

Former AFL Star Danielle Laidley Tackles The Twitter Transgender Trolls

It comes after trolls stuck the boot into her with a wave of cruel taunts claiming she was a ‘weirdo’

Former AFL star Danielle Laidley tackles the Twitter transgender trolls head-on recently after cruel taunts on the social network.

Former AFL Star Danielle Laidley Tackles The Twitter Transgender TrollsDanielle warned trolls they risk defamation proceedings should they continue to plaster vile assertions about her on social media.

Laidley has only recently returned to social media after pulling her account in May last year, when she was charged with stalking her ex-girlfriend.

Trolls have made cruel comments about Laidley since her return to social media in November.


Laidley, who was a 1996 Premiership player for the Kangaroos and then coached the AFL club between 2003 and 2009, returned to social media in November.

She had a clear view of taking control of her branding and launching a new career as a creative consultant and public speaker.

In a nod to her proud history on the field, she has retained the number 7 on the back of her Instagram profile.

This was her number while she played through the first phase of her life as Dean Laidley with the Kangaroos.


While the public response to her recent appearance at North Melbourne has been overwhelmingly positive, Twitter trolls have wasted no time putting in the boot.

Danielle was trolled the instant news of her appearance back at the club made national news.

‘She is a he and his name is Dean,’ one person tweeted.

‘Fuckin weirdo.’

The derogatory tweet prompted Danielle to issue the author a warning that the tweet was allegedly defamatory.


‘One chance, and one chance only, otherwise you can join the queue,’ Laidley responded along with a list of points outlining what constituted defamation on the platform.

‘Out of the 4 points listed, I know you have committed at the very least 3.’

Danielle has made it clear that she is no longer content to take hits from those that would denigrate her on her new ‘tribe.’

Last month Danielle hit out at Victoria Police after she was surreptitiously photographed, and the photo was shared about again by members of the police force.


It had been another kick in the guts to Danielle after a police officer leaked her image while in custody during her initial arrest in May last year.

That leak saw Laidley sue Victoria Police, with the matter still winding its way through the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Other trolls have targeted Danielle over her desire to be with other women.

Laidley recently stepped out with her new partner Donna Leckie, who accompanied her to North Melbourne last month.

Leckie is an aged care specialist who had been Laidley’s childhood sweetheart growing up in Western Australia.

‘What a disgrace – when footballers do black face you cancel them for racism but when men do women face for sexual gratification you celebrate them,’ another troll tweeted.


The tweet had come off the back of Danielle’s return to the Kangaroos, with a photo of her and current player Jack Ziebell ‘liked’ close to 1000 times.

‘I will take the 950+ likes at the top of the story,’ Laidley responded: ‘Perhaps your confused about gender dysphoria.’

For the uneducated, gender dysphoria is described as a ‘clinically significant distress or impairment related to a strong desire to be of another gender, which may include desire to change primary and/or secondary sex characteristics.’

Danielle hit back when her transition was branded a ‘sexual fantasy’ by one troll and a ‘fetish’ by another.


‘You think we go through this for fantasy?

‘Obviously you know more than medical professionals.

‘Be careful bringing my family into your mischievous views.’

Danielle, who has officially changed her name to Danielle May, has made no secret she is in the process of writing a book about her life.

She is expected to commute back and forth to Western Australia with Leckie once the borders are re-open.

Since being thrust back onto the big stage, Laidley has taken giant leaps to support others who are experiencing a taste of what she has endured.


‘I hope to stop discrimination against younger transgender people and families of transgender people,’ she said.

‘Life without barriers,’ she wrote on Instagram.

‘Don’t be ashamed of your story, it may just inspire someone else.’

Daily Mail Australia revealed last month the cruel stories about Laidley’s supposed ‘true self’ had been recycled in footy circles for decades.

Sources traced them all the way back to the 1980s when Laidley was spotted at a popular Melbourne night spot enjoying herself with some transgender mates.

Danielle had still been playing for the West Coast Eagles across the other side of the country and was instantly recognised in footy mad Melbourne.

The story spread like wildfire, with a good spread of ‘mayo’ helping the story gain traction across her career.

Footy sources have told Daily Mail Australia Sheehan copped a decent spray from Laidley after he made comments on Sam Newman’s podcast.

Laidley declined to comment to the Daily Mail Australia.

SOURCE: Daily Mail.



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