January 17, 2022

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Mishel Karen Recently Launched On OnlyFans

Mishel Karen Recently Launched On OnlyFans

MAFSA star reveals her most requested sex act since launching her porn career

Mishel Karen recently launched on OnlyFans and the MAFSA star revealed her most requested sex act since she launched her career.

Mishel Karen Recently Launched On OnlyFansThe former Married At First Sight star says she was once asked to perform an extreme fetish while doing an handstand.

Speaking to the Daily Star, 51-year-old mother of two Mishel said: ‘The content that really excites my followers is videos with other participants, especially where there are sexual interactions.’

The grandmother admitted many of the requests she received from fans were far from ‘vanilla.’


‘I get many customer requests that are not always mainstream vanilla requests; everyone has something different that ignites their hormones,’ she explained.

One extreme request involved her performing an unhygienic sexual act while doing a handstand, which Mishel said she was unable to fulfil.

‘I wasn’t comfortable in doing it either,’ she said.

Outside of titillating her subscribers, Mishel insists that she enjoys OnlyFans because it’s a way to connect with people and help others.


She even spent Christmas Day chatting to her subscribers and creating X-rated content – which she said was her way of pushing back against the commercialism of the holiday.

Mishel has been on OnlyFans since late 2020, but last year she transitioned into creating more explicit and hardcore content.

For just $5 a month, the mum-of-two performs a variety of X-rated acts, some of them which involve toys or a partner.

Subscribers are offered a variety of photos and clips of the scantily clad reality star flaunting her curves or dressed up in sexy costumes, like a maid or schoolgirl.


For those who want to walk on the wild side, they’re able to purchase hardcore ‘sex tapes’ from Mishel for a higher price through her direct messages.

Most of the acts on offer are far too graphic to even describe.

Back in February, Daily Mail Australia reported that Mishel had been hocking her used socks and panties on the site to the highest bidder.

‘The highest tipper gets to keep the dirty knickers!’ she wrote on OnlyFans at the time, before later revealing the top bid was $67.

‘My friend likes feet and I have been wearing socks all day… It is getting HOT!’ she added.

‘I have kept the knickers pristine in a clip sealed bag so they smell like me – I love the smell of sex.

‘You still have a few more hours to raise the bid or put in your own request.’


Mishel previously spoke with The Wash about her new career as an OnlyFans star and said she wouldn’t be shamed for her sexuality.

‘This is my choice.

‘Why does it matter what I do with my body?

‘It is just a vessel.

‘If people want to see what I do with [my body], who cared?

‘My daughter said to me, “Why don’t you care so much?”

‘But I just hope I don’t.

‘The people saying this stuff obviously haven’t been enlightened like I have,’ Mishel said.


Mishel, who used to work as a policy trainer in the police force, recently became a grandmother after her son Sam welcomed a baby boy with his girlfriend.

She’s also a doting mum to daughter Eva, who featured on a few episodes of Married At First Sight and now works as a curve model in Brisbane.

Mishel shot to fame on season seven of the Channel Nine series in early 2020.

She was paired with handsome barber Steve Burley, but their relationship proved to be a disaster and they split during the finale.



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