January 17, 2022

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Renee Gracie Opens Up About Abandoning Toxic Motorsport Industry

Renee Gracie Opens Up About Abandoning Toxic Motorsport Industry

OnlyFans model was a fast riser in Australian V8 Supercars

Renee Gracie opens up about abandoning toxic motorsport industry that she fought so hard to be a part of initially.

Renee Gracie Opens Up About Abandoning Toxic Motorsport IndustryAustralian motorsports queen turned OnlyFans model and porn actress Renee says that she is finally doing something that she loves, after ditching her racing career in favour of showing skin.

At one point, Renee was heralded as one of Australia’s top high-octane prospects.

Since she was a young teenager, the Brisbane beauty had dreamed of a career at 100 miles an hour.

She eventually got her wish, earning 48 starts in the Dunlop Super2 Series for a variety of teams.

Renee says her dreams slowly transitioned into a nightmare when she became confronted with the realities of being a woman in a male-dominated sport.

She also spoke of the negative attention she claims she received which crushed her.

‘When I was racing, I obviously started quite young and spent a lot of time from when I was 13, right up until I was 23, trying to make something of myself with motorsport in Australia,’ Renee told TMZ Sports.

‘I left for many reasons.

‘It was a toxic environment for a female.

‘I got treated differently to everybody else.

‘It was just a really taxing environment and industry to be in for my mental health.’


The decision to leave motorsports, Renee reflects, was an easy one.

But deciding what to do next was something more difficult.

At first, she says she just idled the days by.

But after a year of twiddling her thumbs, she decided it was time for some decisive action.

And, as she explained, it led to what she refers to as one of the best decisions she ever made.


‘I did leave and had about a year or so in between where I wasn’t racing, I wasn’t doing anything, and I didn’t know what I wanted to do,’ Renee said.

She continued: ‘I was lucky enough that when I left racing, my fanbase actually grew – I had more people following me and I wasn’t controlled by managers and sponsors.

‘I think people really fell in love with me knowing me more personally compared to when I was racing – I started showing more things that I was never able to show off when I was racing, showing sexier sides of me.’


Then came the inevitable call.

‘Everyone was telling me that I should join OnlyFans.

‘[But[ my goal was never do to do what I’m doing now.

‘It was more, “If I can get people to pay to see bikini photos or lingerie photos, I’m down,”’ she explained.

‘So, I started my OnlyFans and it blew up and went crazy and turned into what it is now; a very successful page.’

The transition from the racetrack to becoming one of the internet’s most in-demand models is a strange one, she admits.

But she says that anyone familiar with her from her former career wouldn’t be one bit surprised with her drive and passion for her new day job.

‘Everyone who knew me and knew how hard I worked and how hard I really wanted to be something in racing in Australia saw how hard it could get for me sometimes.

‘And they would see highs and lows of it all.

‘I think they’re happy for me now.

‘They can see that I’m successful and that I’m doing something that I love.

‘It just happened to be that motorsport wasn’t it and doing OnlyFans and porn is what makes me happy and gives me the success that I always wanted.’

Anything Renee would do differently?

‘I wish I started this sooner…’ she concluded.



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