January 17, 2022

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US School Counselor Used Snapchat To Pose As A Teen To Chat With Own Students

US School Counselor Used Snapchat To Pose As A Teen To Chat With Own Students

The ‘Counselor Of The Year’ was caught after he uploaded child porn via KIK Messenger

US school counselor used Snapchat to pose as a teen to chat with own students and then used KIK Messenger to upload porn to the net, according to Feds.

US School Counselor Used Snapchat To Pose As A Teen To Chat With Own StudentsThe West Virginia educator and onetime Elementary School Counselor of the Year who was indicted on child porn charges in December had been communicating with several young children who attended the school where he worked, a federal search warrant obtained by the Daily Beast revealed.

Todd Roatsey, 42, chatted with the kids while posing as a fictitious teenage boy named ‘CDaily,’ according to the warrant.

The disturbing new window into Roatsey’s alleged activities answers one of the biggest questions surrounding the charged when they emerged in the fall.


‘A review of [Roatsey’s] phone… revealed multiple screen recordings of Snapchat conversations with minors, some of whom have been identified by law enforcement as students who attended or were attending Pinch Elementary School, where Roatsey was employed as the school counselor,’ the filing states.

‘These recordings were made starting in January 2020 and proceeding through late summer/early fall 2020.’

At least two of the kids, neither of whom have been identified by authorities, ‘sent videos of themselves engaged in sexually explicit conduct at Roatsey’s direction,’ the warrant continues.

Others – some as young as 11 – sent videos ‘depicting themselves engaged in sexually suggestive conduct that fell short of the requirements for sexually explicit conduct under Federal Law,’ it says.


Roatsey’s devices contained ‘substantial amounts’ of video footage showing children being sexually abused, according to the warrant.

It says that Roatsey’s phone had a folder labelled ‘Productivity,’ and it contained numerous subfolders within bearing names such as ‘Child,’ Rape,’ and Rape1.’

One of the videos was titled ‘Teacher fucks girls,’ the warrant states.

Several others allegedly showed ‘infants and toddlers’ being sexually abused by adults.

One of the email addresses Roatsey used was ‘constanzag558@gmail.com’ the warrant states, presumably a reference to the George Constanza character on Seinfeld.

John A. Carr, Roatsey’s attorney, declined to comment by phone on Tuesday.

Roatsey, who in 2016 was honoured at the White House for his work with children, first appeared on the radar of US Homeland Security Investigations (HIS) agents last August.

That’s when investigators received a cybertip from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children about a user on the Kik mobile messaging app who had uploaded numerous videos and photos showing ‘prepubescent and pubescent minors engaged in sexual activity,’ a criminal complaint filed in November 2020 states.

HIS agents traced the IP address associated with the uploads back at Roatsey’s home in Elkview, West Virginia, where he lives with his father, according to the complaint.

A search of Roatsey’s house turned up the electronic devices on which the investigators say they found the abuse videos.

Roatsey was at home when the search warrant was executed and tried to blame the child porn on Airbnb guests who had used his WiFi network, the complaint states.

However, Roatsey’s personal phone and laptop contained at least seven videos and 26 images deemed child pornography, in addition to ‘numerous communications’  between Roatsey and ‘girls in the age range of late elementary school through middle school,’ according to the complaint.

Roatsey, who was indicted in December on eight additional counts of possessing and producing child porn, received West Virginia’s Elementary Counselor of the Year award in 2015 and visited the White House the year after as the state’s national counselor representative.

‘It was a black-tie event,’ Roatsey told the Charleston Gazette-Mail at the time.

‘I was very humbled and very honoured to be there and to be there on behalf of all of West Virginia.’

Roatsey has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

US School Counselor Used Snapchat To Pose As A Teen To Chat With Own Students



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